Starchazer Productions,Wedding Video and Photo

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Pre - Production

- All events require a signed contract and a 30% deposit to reserve your date and time. 

Your remaining balance is to be paid: 30% the day of, and 40% within 3 months of your event.

- I am happy to talk with you over the phone, or arrange an in-person consultation if you are local. (I am Currently located in Las Vegas, but I also provide my services in Monterey Ca, and southern Ca). 

- I love getting to know a bit about you before your wedding, it makes everything more personal and allows me to better capture your special day. 

- Please ask as many questions as you would like, I have been Filming/ Photographing weddings since 2013 and have seen just about everything. 

- I do require an itinerary as we approach your wedding day, as it helps me to prepare for each event and so that I do not miss anything. 

-I require advance notice of any ceremony that is to last longer than the average of 30 minutes as this requires more preparation. 

- Please understand that I am a small business and not a giant corporation. That being said, I work on each project individually and put a lot of heart and soul into each one of my creations. Editing is my passion. This takes time, patience and your input. These are your memories and I want to help you remember them in the best light for a lifetime! 


-While each wedding is different, I do not discriminate or put any less effort into smaller events. Each wedding holds precious memories that I aim to capture for you. 

- I use multiple HD DSLR cameras with professional lenses to capture all of your important moments.  

- 8 hours of coverage does not mean 8 hours of video. It means that for 8 hours on your event date, I will be present with my camera equipment and will do my absolute best to capture everything that is taking place. You may, and are encouraged to point out specific details/traditions/surprises that you would like me to pay extra attention to. 

- Occasionally, but not always, I will have a second cameraman/woman, when I feel assistance is necessary. I only use the best, most knowledgable people. Often that means my sister, or my husband, both of whom have been shooting with me since 2013 and have an educational background in photo & video. 


- I provide a small microphone for the groom, (it is for recording only, not for projecting) that is placed on the inside jacket pocket before the ceremony. (Or wherever is appropriate given different circumstances. AND yes, I have mic'ed Brides before, taffeta and all). It is discrete enough that no one will notice it yet powerful enough to capture the officiant as well as the bride during the ceremony. 

-My cameras all capture audio as well.

- Occasionally, when available at the venue or through the DJ, I can do a direct line in to the ceremony microphone. The same goes for the reception for toasts.

Day of

-  On the day of, I will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to my start time to familiarize myself with the venue. (I often visit the venue beforehand) I scout out camera locations and lighting as well as sunset time.

- At a full Feature event (8 hours) I start with the Bride and groom getting ready separate, I move between the two locations  and capture a bit of each side. 

- I love  capturing first looks. I also love to capture a mini interview of the bride & groom, separate of "How you met, How you were engaged and How you are feeling today, and any special wishes you have for your future together". 

- Please don't feel like you have to entertain or watch me, I have filmed many weddings and like to "weave in and out of the shadows", so to say. A good videographer "Shall see, but not be seen" so please do not worry if you do not constantly have an eye on me, I promise, I have eyes on you. This being said, I am always happy to receive direction if there is something happening away from where I am currently at, but In the last 6 years I haven't missed anything. 

-I do request that you politely ask guests to enjoy the ceremony from their seat and leave the filming/photographing to the professionals. 

- I do like setting up my extra cameras after the ceremony to capture a time-lapse of the sunset, etc. So please, do not touch, I am aware of my equipment at all times.  

- During cocktail hour, or the reception, I love going around to the different tables and politely asking your guests if they would like to say anything on your video. This has always been a fun thing for the Bride and groom to watch later! ;-)

-I do provide my own camera light for instances where there is low light, for example, an evening reception under the stars with ferry lights and candles would require me to use a light on my camera in order to prevent grain in the footage. 

- I am happy to stay overtime for a small pre-agreed upon fee, in order to capture any events on your itinerary in the case the wedding/reception is running behind schedule. I don't want to miss any of your important memories. 

- I require a meal for myself and any of my assistants that are present for any event lasting longer than 3 hours. 

- Before I leave your event, I will check in with both the Bride and Groom to ask if there is anything else you would like captured. This is also the time at which I collect my 30% payment.

Post - Production

-This is where the magic happens!

-I ask that you be patient during the post production process. 

-Once I leave your event, all of the footage/ photos are uploaded onto my computer. I then spend the next few weeks/months (depending on event package and client feedback) Creating beautiful videos for you to watch and share with your friends and family. 

- Photos have a quicker delivery, usually 1 week. 

- Editing is not a simple process. It is very time consuming, especially when it comes to weddings. Everything must be perfect. I truly enjoy editing; bringing all of the clips together and adding music overlays of your choice. In the end, the final product is yours to share as you would like. 

-The process: Clips will be uploaded and organized into my editing software, where they will be organized and synched to external audio and multiple cameras will be over-layed for best the best view at each frame.

-It is necessary to have multiple cameras as I have found there are many aspiring videographers when it comes to wedding ceremonies especially since cell phone technology makes it so easy, however, I promise you that my cameras will capture a much higher quality video than any cell phone.  

Raw Footage

- Raw footage, by definition are the direct clips from the camera's sd cards. However, I do not give them out as they are not in a playable format and do not reflect my finished work.

That being said, I also do not withhold any footage, however there is a bit of editing that needs to take place in order to deliver a viewable "Raw Footage" video, of which I do provide. This full-length video consists of all of the clips with their natural sound, without a music overlay. 

- If you are an editor and would like to edit your own wedding video, the raw footage clips may be purchased for a price of $250 and a signed release will be required. 

Final Product (Deliverables)

-You will receive a preview video within 1-2 weeks of your Event Date, delivered via a link in your email to You will be able to download this preview as well as share it on social media. This is a short 2 minute video that hi-lite's the day's best moments.  

-Your Full Ceremony will be delivered next. This will also be delivered digitally. 

-Your Full hi-lite video as well as your Full Feature video will be delivered on a flash drive in the mail. Time to finish may vary, expedited editing is available for an additional fee. 

I Hope that I have answered any questions that you may have, Please feel free to email me on the "contact us" tab with any other questions, or if you would like to start the booking process.